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The Institute for Private Investors is a private membership organization offering non-commercial investor education, in-person networking and an online community to over 1000 ultra-high-net-worth investors from over 30 countries and 41 U.S states.

Families of substantial wealth rely on IPI to provide a safe harbor where they can learn from each other and leading experts, while fostering lifelong relationships with like-minded peers.

The Institute for Private Investors helps its members become better stewards of their wealth and make more informed decisions for their future legacy.

IPI is the premier global community of private wealth investors providing life-long peer to peer learning and sharing, access to extraordinary investor education and connectivity to investors and advisors.

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"Successful wealth management should free you up to be true to your own values, do what you love, pursue your passion and discover your own life's work."
Charlotte Beyer, Founder of IPI
Your community of individuals and families with substantial assets, committed to the exchange and improvement of knowledge.
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Forging successful and enduring relationships in the U.S. and to the global private investor community through Campden Wealth.
Help position your company and offerings and better acquire, retain and service your clients.
Featured program: 7th North American Family Investment & Alternatives Conference June 24–26, 2019
Featured program: 7th North American Family Investment & Alternatives Conference
June 24–26, 2019

The 7th annual forum for leading financial families and private investors from across America

Park Hyatt Hotel • Chicago, IL, USA

The three standout findings in Campden Wealth’s 2018 Global Family Office Report were all investment related:

  • Strongest investment return in five years 
  • Equities fueled the investment drive Ž
  • amilies have increased their exposure to real estate

However, the current macro view tells a very different story. Five major factors will require a different approach to asset allocation for investors in the years ahead including:

  • A structural shift from monetary policy to fiscal policy
  • Technology, while still an incredibly powerful agent of change in the global economy, now faces more valuation and regulatory hurdles
  • Tightening liquidity conditions amidst higher real rates are macro headwinds
  • The rise of geopolitical uncertainty warrants a higher risk premium
  • Policymakers’ initial response to the global financial crisis have begun to shift

The bull run could well be over, so how can investors navigate these turbulent times and continue to put their capital to work? Campden Wealth’s 7th North American Family Investment & Alternatives Conference will debate these trends and discuss opportunities, risks, and challenges shaping the current investment landscape.

Over the three days, we will be drawing on the insights of leading family office allocators and industry experts. Session topics will cover the entire spectrum of investments, from real estate and niche investments in healthcare and jet financing — to macro and micro. Family offices and private investors will be comparing experiences, as well as debating the best places to invest through the cycle.

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Wharton Private Wealth Management
For 20 years, the Wharton School and the Institute for Private Investors (IPI) have helped families meet the complex challenge of wealth management education.
An immersive, interactive and intellectually challenging, five-day wealth management program in collaboration with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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