We are proud to have just launched our latest research, the Family Office Operational Excellence Report. This publication aims to provide family office executives with valuable insights into important trends and best practices. We focus on various organizational capabilities and showcase strategies to navigate issues. Family offices are diverse, making it challenging to determine universal best practices. Our goal with this report is to offer empirical data that provides family offices of different sizes and vintages with benchmark data relevant to them. To capture the nuances and dynamics most relevant to each group, we have split our survey respondents into three distinct categories. What sets this report apart is that you will hear directly from family office executives themselves, as well as their beneficial owners. While each family office is as unique as the families they serve, there are also many commonalities. By bringing these voices and experiences to you, we aim to create a community that fosters discourse and serves as a forum for learning from one another.

The Institute for Private Investors is a private membership organization offering non-commercial investor education, in-person networking and an online community to over 1000 ultra-high-net-worth investors from over 30 countries and 41 U.S states.

Families of substantial wealth rely on IPI to provide a safe harbor where they can learn from each other and leading experts, while fostering lifelong relationships with like-minded peers.

The Institute for Private Investors helps its members become better stewards of their wealth and make more informed decisions for their future legacy.

IPI is the premier global community of private wealth investors providing life-long peer to peer learning and sharing, access to extraordinary investor education and connectivity to investors and advisors.

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"Successful wealth management should free you up to be true to your own values, do what you love, pursue your passion and discover your own life's work."
Charlotte Beyer, Founder of IPI
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Forging successful and enduring relationships in the U.S. and to the global private investor community through Campden Wealth.
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